Happy Birthday Glow!

Happy Birthday Glow!

Glow The Unicorn, the one and only diva of the mythical world, is an Aries and her birthday is on April 7th.

Happy birthday to our one and only Glow! Here's to another year of creating and being fabulous.

Our wish is for Glow The Unicorn to fill your life with joy and empower you to be your best self. Remember to prioritize self-care and stay focused on your goals. Let your unique and authentic self shine through in everything you do. And never forget to dance! Glow The Unicorn loves you!


Girl, if you haven't gotten your hands on our cake-scented candle by Glow The Unicorn, then you must be living in some kind of cardboard cave! Get with the program and indulge in the sweet and magical fragrance of our heavenly candle.


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