Glow The Unicorn

Glow The Unicorn is confident, sassy and loves to dream big. She knows what she wants (most times) and won't let anyone get in her way from achieving her goals. She loves her family, bubble baths, and playing the piano. Glow looks forward in getting ready every day because this is her workout, and dancing of course.

She's everyone's alter ego and favorite unicorn. And yes, her favorite color is blue. I mean, the girl really loves herself!

Glow The Unicorn was created by artist Randy D. Rosario, who lives in Los Angeles, CA. He's also Glows manager and personal assistant. You can find him driving around the city picking up Glows dry cleaning and coffee order. On his day off, Randy enjoys a peaceful day drawing at a cafe, trying new restaurants, traveling and spending time with family and friends. He believes taking one step at a time will allow you to achieve all your goals. You can also see some of his other work here.