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Glow The Unicorn

Glow Rose Candle

Glow Rose Candle

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Who doesn't love a fresh bouquet of roses? This fresh floral candle will attract only good vibes.  

Notes: spring rose, bergamot, soft sandalwood

Matchbox included in order.

Each candle is made with sustainable soy wax and is locally sourced.

A portion of the proceeds will also go to Meals on Wheels, an organization that helps feed those in need, especially the elderly who are often ignored and have no one to care for them.

Keep your spirits high.
Live it up and light it up! 

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-9 oz scented candle
-100% sustainable soy wax
-Cotton wick
-Recyclable glass jar
-Burn time aprox 56 Hours
-Hand poured in Los Angeles, CA

Care Instructions

Always trim your wick to 1/4" before you light your candle.

Never leave the trimmed wick, matches, or other impunities in the war pool.

If the flame is burning too high, smoking, or flickering, then put out the candle.

Only burn your candle for 1-4 hours in one burning period.

Make sure your candle is not near blowing vents or under ceiling fans.

Do not leave your candle in reach of children. pets, or unattended.

Do not leave your candle in the heat or near a hot window as it may melt.

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